Tau Epsilon Phi Foundation Awards

***All Applications need to be received by Friday, October 2nd, 2020***

If you have any questions, please contact TEP Foundation at awards@thetepfoundation.org.

TEP Foundation

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Award Descriptions

I. Doc Schwartz Memorial Undergraduate of the Year Award is awarded to the Fraternity’s most outstanding undergraduate. This prestigious award is given to the brother who best exemplifies the spirit and philosophy as first envisioned in 1910 by the Founding Fathers of the Fraternity. This award is accompanied by $500.

Upper/Lower Level Award is awarded to a brother, who is in the prescribed class standing, whose undergraduate career has been marked with outstanding achievement in scholarship, extracurricular activity, and fraternity service. These awards are accompanied by $250.

Stanley Schachter Scholarship is awarded to a TEP brother, nominated by his chapter, who best exemplifies the ideals of the Creed of Tau Epsilon Phi - Friendship, Chivalry, Service. This award is accompanied by $500.

IMPORTANT: The Stanley Schachter Scholarship is to be filled out by the Chapter rather than the individual nominated. At the bottom of the page you will need to sign with the name of the individual submitting the nomination rather than the nominee.

The Al Versacci TEP Leadership Award  will be presented biennially to the undergraduate who best exemplifies and embodies the lifetime legacy of Al Versacci, past Consul of Tau Epsilon Phi and past president of the TEP Foundation, Inc. and his valued principles of leadership and fraternity service. a. Criteria for Nominees i. A brother who exemplifies bold and courageous leadership; Someone who makes a difference. ii. A brother who embodies integrity, honesty, fairness, strong conviction and is transparent in all matters. iii. Someone who acts as an innovative leader and is successful at driving impactful change. iv. A brother who demonstrates tangible results for his efforts. v. Someone who acts as a mentor and is always there for brothers. Gives back to the fraternity by providing guidance and inspiring the brotherhood

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Versacci Leadership Award

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New Trustee Application

Mission Statement: 

The TEP Foundation is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to promote the values of the Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity through educational programming and academic scholarships. The scholarships, as well as the academic and leadership programs, funded by the Foundation enhance educational, leadership, and ethical growth of our membership in Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity by complementing the collegiate experience.  

About the TEP Foundation: 

The TEP Foundation, Inc., as it is presently known, is a tax-deductible organization, governed by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees meet on call of the President to consider applications for assistance and/or fund raising.  

Trustee Expectations: 

  • Attend board meetings of the Foundation via zoom or conference call 

  • Serve on Appointed Committees  

  • Identify potential donors 

  • Help develop and plan Quarterly and Annual fundraising campaigns 

  • Promote the Foundation to your Chapter and or Alumni  

  • If you are not comfortable soliciting donations then you will be required to help with the technical and administrative of running the Foundation. 

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