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Donations which are "Endowed" are those where principle funds from donation cannot be used. Only the interest from which is distributed. This is great for donors who wish to make a long-lasting impact on Tau Epsilon Phi! 

Make a long- lasting impact on Tau Epsilon Phi...

...Create your Legacy today!


  • Requests are first reviewed and approved by The Board of Trustee. Approved donor endowed funds are then segregated and managed professionally in a separate account. The principal of those donations will not be used. Only the interest from which gets awarded timely toward an approved designated purpose. Endowment donations can be earmarked toward a new or existing Educational, Award & Scholarship, Grant, or other I.R.S. Educational Compliant purpose.


This is the absolute best way to make a long lasting impact on Tau Epsilon Phi by making your donation last! 


  • Donations of $25,000 or more can be accepted as Endowed Donor Gifts.

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