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Educational Programing

Educational Programing 

The TEP Foundation, Inc. per our Mission Statement provides critical Educational Programing to our valued Undergraduate Brotherhood. We also provide assistance to existing biennial events, programs, and seminars hosted by Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity. These include at the following:

  • Tau Epsilon Phi Grand Chapter

  • Tau Epsilon Phi Leadership Retreat


Starting in Fall 2022, we are proud to start hosting in-house Educational Programing. This new virtual service called, “TEP Foundation Program Series” provides additional resources for our brotherhood. Designated programs are geared to educate undergraduates on critical topics which advance their success within and outside of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity. Certain programs will not be limited to only undergraduates; Our valued Tau Epsilon Phi Alumni are encouraged to participate as well. Educational Programs are recorded and uploaded to our official YouTube Channel as “On-Demand” resources. Below are a list of our current programs:

  • “Resume Building Workshop & How To Have A Better Interview,” hosted by Brother Alfred C. Versacci (Epsilon Mu, Hunter College, ’65) [Fall, 2023]

  • "Non-Hazing Pledging & Positive Outcomes Seminar” hosted by Brother Jason Berler (Alpha Tau, Rowan University, ’13) [TBD]

    • Press Release: Coming Soon!

    • On-Demand Video: Coming Soon!


More educational programs will be added in time!


Please check your email(s) frequently for updated topics, presenters, and schedules.


The TEP Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3)

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