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Awards &Scholarships

Awards & Scholarships

The TEP Foundation Awards

Since 1964, over 30 different awards and scholarships have been established by The TEP Foundation, Inc. either from the generous contributions of alumni, friends, and families, or by direct funding from Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity.

At this time, not all awards and scholarships are funded (30+) and not all awards and scholarships are awarded every year.

The following awards are given either during convention years or during “non-convention years.” Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity has a National Convention every two years during the even years. During odd years, the National Fraternity holds Educational and Leadership training. Please check which Awards & Scholarships are offered during different cycles! 

The Al Versacci Leadership Award ($1000) 

Sidney Suntag Scholarship ($600) 

I. “Doc” Schwartz Memorial Undergraduate Of The Year Award ($500) 

Bruce Rosenstein Bridge Builder Award ($450)

Will Gottheld Memorial Scholarship ($400)

Stanley I. Schacther Scholarship ($300) 

Senior Leader Award & Scholarship ($250) 

Emerging Leader Award & Scholarship ($150) 

Lawrence S. Berler Legacy Scholarship ($100)

If you would like to start a new Award & Scholarship please head to Start A New Scholarship

If you have any questions regarding our Award & Scholarships please send us an email.

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