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Parent's Giving Club

Welcome your child back to school with fun swag! Items will be sent directly to your child at their College or University. 

Support your child with SWAG... 

**Donations can not be applied toward partial or full payment of Tau Epsilon Phi National or Local Dues.  For more info  please send an email!


For donations of $250 or More.** As a 501(c)(3) donations are fully tax-deductible.* In appreciation for joining our Parent's Giving Club your child will receive fun Foundation Branded Swag. Perfect for "Back-To-School" or anytime throughout scholastic year! Enrolled Parent's will also receive a free digital copy of our official History Book, "The History of Tau Epsilon Phi: 75 Years of Friendship!"  

Scholarship, Award, & Education

The TEP Foundation Logo Official.jpg

"Foundation For Our Future!"

Since 1934

*Please consult a licensed Tax-Professional for individual benefit.

Items they will receive...

  • (1) Foundation Logo/Branded Flip Flops 

  • (1) Foundation Logo/Branded Water Bottle 

  • (1) Foundation Logo/Branded Notebook

  • (1) Foundation Logo/Branded Teeshirt

  • (1) Foundation Logo/Branded Playing Cards

  • (1) Foundation Logo/Branded Socks

  • (1) Foundation Logo/Branded Stickers 

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