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Israel Bonds 

Established in 1951 by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion the Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds is a tremendous financial resource for Israel. Over the course of seventy years have raised over $46 billion in worldwide sales to support and advance Israel’s economy. 

Make a contribution supporting Tau Epsilon Phi and Israel... 

Israel Bonds Gifts

Since our Founding in 1934, The TEP Foundation, Inc. has historically accepted Israel Bonds as part of our 501(c)3 Donor Gifts. Many bonds have been gifted over the decades by various Friends, Family, and Alumni. We are very proud to bring back Israel Bond Gifts in 2023. This is a tremendous way to support both The TEP Foundation and Israel simultaneously! 

Bond Rates/Maturity/Investment

Informational Video:

When purchasing a bond please choose the "Corporate" (Entity/Non-Profit) option as bondholder and provide the following information:


The TEP Foundation, Inc. 770 Anderson Ave, #11K Cliffside Park, NJ 07010


For more information please contact Jason M. Berler,  President of The TEP Foundation, Inc. with questions. We strongly advise speaking with a licensed Tax and/or Securities Professional before proceeding. 

Support Tau Epsilon Phi and Israel Simultaneously!

**This is not an offering. Read prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate objectives, risk, & amounts associated Israel bonds. The TEP Foundation, Inc. is not liable for investment outcomes. D.C.O.I/Isreal Bonds | Member FINRA

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