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Publications,  Media, and Events

The TEP Foundation, Inc. is proud to share our recent publications, media, and upcoming events! To maximize alumni participation please check back to this section for latest updates on upcoming events!

Foundation Publications

The TEP Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce the reprinting of our historic book! The History of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity: 75 Years of Friendship written by Executive Secretary Emeritus Sidney Suntag (1985) can now be purchased in hard copy.  This monumental book is a compilation of events, dates, photos, and the names of the men who made it all possible while capturing the history of Tau Epsilon Phi for posterity. This beautiful publication containing over 400+ pages of memories from our fraternities eminent historian is now available for your reading enjoyment!

The Board of Trustees gives special appreciation to Brother John Lindsay (Sigma-Epsilon Chapter/1910 Foundation) for his generous donation. We also give thanks to former Consul (1981-1983) and Foundation President (1983-1989) Alfred C. Versacci for his generous donation as well. Both contributions provided necessary funding toward our reprinting…

The last time this historic book circulated was back in 1990!

“Don’t delay… Get your copy today!” — Jason Berler, President, The TEP Foundation, Inc. (2022)

Price: $49.95 + Shipping & Tax

Link to purchase:

Foundation Media

The TEP Foundation, Inc. has started a new podcast service in 2022 called “TEP Talks.” This new series spotlights the accomplishment(s) of our most distinguished Alumni within Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity. The first “TEP Talk” will be released before end of year. “TEP Talks” are posted to the official foundation YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to our channel! If you are or know of any alumni who would like to participate please send an email to

  • "TEP Talks" Guests:

    • Al Versacci (Epsilon Mu, Former Vice-President H.R. Hess Oil Company, Former International Consul 1981-1983)

    • Albert "Bud" Schiff (Omega Chapter, Founder Insurex, LLC., Former International Consul 1983-1985) 

    • Gerry Denmark (Lambda Chapter, Corporate Law Attorney, Former International Consul 1985-1989)

    • Stu Blumberg (Tau Alpha Chapter, 1st Field Secretary, Former International Consul Consul 1989-1991)

    • Leo Gordon Federal Judge (Omega Chapter, Federal Judge, Former International Consul 1991-1993)

    • David Steinberg (Epsilon Eta Chapter, Pioneer in Cosmetics, Former International Consul 1993-1995)

    • Jeff Altman (Phi Eta Chapter, Comedian, Guest Letterman's Late Show, The Duke's of Hazard, 1970's)

    • Charles Cumello (Epsilon Mu Chapter, Former CEO Walden Books, LLC., 1980's),

    • George Mamo (Sigma Epsilon Chapter, Former TEP Executive Director, COO I.F.C.&J, 1980's) 

  • “Founder’s Series” Guests: Coming soon! 



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Foundation Events

The TEP Foundation, Inc. in accordance with its mission to expand Alumni Involvement will be host new events. *Undergraduate events may be schedule from time-to-time.

Our first event will be held in 2023 extending through 2024

  • Alumni Networking Happy Hour 

  • Fall 2023

  • [21+ Only]

More events will be added in time! Please check back frequently for an updated list of events…

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